Philip English

Pacific Edge Biotechnology

An international leader in the development of biomedical technology, Pacific Edge's objectives hold a particular resonance with Philip.

Pacific Edge Biotechnology

Philip has been involved with the New Zealand cancer diagnostics company Pacific Edge Limited since the mid-2000s, and took on the role of Financial Strategist in 2007.

The company itself is an international leader in the development of biomedical technology to detect and monitor cancer at the earliest possible stage, with a high degree of accuracy and using simple, non-invasive processes. Once commercialised, this technology has the potential to transform the detection and management of cancer, which will significantly improve the prospects for cure.

The company has made unparalleled advances in bladder, colorectal and gastric cancers and is working on a second tier of products which are focussed on endometrial cancer and melanoma. Founded in 2001 by a small group of oncologists, clinicians and geneticists at the University of Otago in New Zealand, this ground-breaking work has given the company a high international profile.

As its Financial Strategist, Philip is closely involved with the continued provision of financial backing for the developing company, and its expansion and entry into worldwide commercial markets.

Pacific Edge’s objectives have a particular resonance with Philip, since his own son underwent several months of intensive, but successful treatment for a potentially fatal childhood cancer. With this always in mind, he welcomes the opportunity to be involved with widening the scope for improved diagnosis and treatment through his work with this innovative company.