Philip English

Churchlands Herefords

Philip started to breed Hereford cattle in the 1970s and his Hereford cattle are now an integral part of his life and the Churchlands Estate.

Churchlands Herefords Churchlands Herefords Churchlands Herefords

The foundations of the Churchlands herd of Hereford cattle were established in the 1970s when Philip – who had until then been a keen sportsman – feared his rugby playing days were coming to an end. Looking elsewhere for an interest to develop and an outlet for his energies, he started to breed Hereford cattle from his home near the south coast of England. He has since moved to the Churchlands Estate in Oxfordshire, where his Hereford cattle are now an integral part of his life, the estate and his immediate landscape.

With a keen eye on the conformation and temperament of his cattle and through carefully considered breeding decisions and investment in bloodlines from throughout the world, the Churchlands herd has earned widespread respect in farming circles. A central philosophy is the need to produce top-performing cattle of relevance to the commercial market using modern breeding and assessment techniques, but to balance this with conventional breeding knowledge and traditional activities in the livestock show ring. The net result is a herd boasting a string of show successes - including the prestigious national competition for the Cow of the Year in 2004 and Bull of the Year in 2007 - but also excelling commercially. Beef from the herd is keenly sought by the butcher’s and restaurant trades, while the cattle themselves and bovine genetics are in demand by farmers and breeders around the world.